How To Take Care Of Your Sherpa Jacket

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Sherpa Jacket is commonly used by mountaineers and hikers when the weather is cold. The coat is made of fleece with two layers with a down lining. The outer layer is often water-resistant and generally from nylon, cotton, or polyester. The inner layer is usually all nylon, cotton, or polyester since it does not need to be water-resistant to protect against wind.

How to take care of Sherpa Jacket;

1. When you come back from outside, take off the jacket and make it hang in a cool and ventilated place, shake the jacket to eliminate the dust and dirt on it. Hanging in a ventilated area also prevents the jacket from getting mildew.

2. Avoid washing the jacket by hand and don’t let water touch the down lining, it will be more durable. Always put the jacket in the dryer after washing.

3. After taking off the jacket, it is considered in good condition to iron it just for a couple of minutes. It will keep the shape longer and will be easier to wear after ironing.

4. If you do not use the jacket for a while or if it is hard to clean, please put it into a dry place at a low temperature and make sure its zipper is closed.

The jacket is not damaged by normal wear and tear, nor will it be damaged by dry cleaning. However, if you follow these simple instructions, you can enjoy your Sherpa Jacket for many years without any problems.

5. Frequently check the zipper and make sure it is not rusty, if the zipper is not working well, please fix it instead of replacing it.

6. Check buttons and make sure they are not broken. If you see a button getting loose, you can sew it back into place.

7. If the lining gets dirty, you can brush it off with a soft brush or hand wash it in cold water. You may also have your dry cleaner remove stains from time to time to help extend the life of your jacket.


Sherpa Jacket requires care like any other, it’s made of material with a down layer so dirt will be easy to spot on the jacket, so you need to pay more attention to cleaning it whenever you get out from the field.