Factors To Consider In Choosing An Oak Bedside Table:

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Oak bedside table refers to a type of furniture that is placed beside your bed, which is typically around 4-6 inches in height. It’s usually about the same width as your bed frame and features drawers for storing personal items such as IDs, jewelry, and other small items.

Though people often refer to any type of table or side table (or even a nightstand) by this name, the term “oak bedside table” refers specifically to a certain size and design – one with wood panels on all sides with no front or back.

Factors to consider in choosing an oak bedside table:


Generally speaking, the more narrow the bed and the height of the table, the taller it should be. Many popular designs are around 4.5 inches in height, but others are much higher (up to about 8 inches). The bigger the table, the more room you’ll have for other items such as a lamp, bookshelves, and drawers.


Like a dresser or nightstand, an oak bedside table should have a simple design. The panels should be all the same size. If this design element is missing, it can make you feel as though you’re being disconnected from the rest of your bedroom furniture.


With oak as the main ingredient, most oak bedside tables are made of hardwood. Hardwoods have low amounts of tannins and are considered to be relatively smooth-grained and polished.


Naturally, the higher the price, the better quality, and craftsmanship you can expect. Unfortunately, with oak bedside tables availability and supply being low, prices have also gone up significantly more than normal.


Many oak bedside tables feature oak shades from a light honey color to a deep red-brown color. Sometimes you may find an antique piece that has unique markings and streaks in the grain of the wood, which are caused by factors such as mineral deposits found in rainwater or streams.


Oak bedside tables should be easy to use and match the rest of your bedroom furniture. You may want to consider having a few of them so you can store different items in each. Choose a style and design that fits your home decor and reflects your taste. Be sure to determine the right size for your room before you go shopping, especially if you’re getting a larger version that takes up more space.