Blink Eye Drops For Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses keep your eyes protected from dirt and germs, but they come with some disadvantages. They can irritate your eyes, and they can also lead to discomfort and even corneal damage. If your lenses are rubbing against your eyes or you’re having trouble keeping them in place, you may need to change how you’re using them.

Blink eye drops can help with contact lens irritation, particularly if your lenses are causing discomfort because of dryness or being worn for extended periods. They can also help you keep your contacts in place if you struggle to keep them in place with your other routine care. If you wear contact lenses and want to try Blink eye drops for contact lenses, keep reading for additional information on how they work, their possible side effects, and how often you should use them.

How Blink Eye Drops Work

Blink eye drops contain a mild yet highly effective hydrating solution that can lubricate your contact lenses and your eyes. They have several ingredients, including an eye-friendly preservative, an anti-inflammatory ingredient, and a moisturizing agent.

The preservative used in Blink eye drops is slightly different than what’s used in other contact lens solutions on the market, which means they may not contain any preservatives when you buy them. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see this ingredient listed. If you want to be sure you’re using a preservative-free solution, order the 50mL bottle of Blink eye drops with the hypoallergenic blend of preservatives instead (link provided below).

Luxottica claims that its anti-inflammatory product is natural and “safe” for contact use. According to Optometry Today, only some studies have shown that it isn’t harmful if someone wears contacts while experiencing inflammation caused by allergy or infection symptoms. However, there isn’t enough information to indicate whether it would be safe to wear contacts “every day.” The company also claims that the moisturizer included in the product will help prevent dryness for both eyes and contact lenses. If either of these ingredients does cause discomfort for you or your contacts, stop using Blink eye drops so that you don’t further irritate your eyes or cause your contacts more discomfort.