Band-Aid Brand First Aid Product Flexible Rolled Gauze

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First aid products are designed to ease the pain and help you bandage minor wounds. Whether you tend to a small cut or need help bandaging a sprained ankle, first aid products can help you care for minor injuries. Flexible bandages, also known as gauze, are a standard first aid product. They are flexible to wrap your minor wounds comfortably and safely. They are also inexpensive and widely available. Keep reading to learn more about flexible bandages and where you can find them.

A variety of first aid products may come in handy during an emergency or injury situation. These products include Band-aids – keep minor cuts covered with these pre-cut strips of plastic; Bandanas – wrap around your arm to protect from splashes of water or debris; Towels – cover up bloody rags and keep other people from seeing what has happened; Hydrocolloid dressings – sticky gauze for covering deep wounds; Sterile saline pads – put pressure directly on wounds for wound healing; Hand warmers – heat hands so they stay warm during cold weather emergencies; Safety pins – fasten torn clothing back together once it has been shaken loose from its seams; Tape (medical-grade adhesive) – affix various items together (like slings, bandages, and splints); Clippers – trim long hairs; Rubber gloves – protect from cuts and avoid spreading germs; Tweezers – remove splinters; Duct tape – wrap around injured limbs to provide makeshift support for bandaging; Camouflage tape – to cover wounds or other injuries that a shirt can cover.

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