All You Need To Know About Eye Mascara

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Eye Mascara refers to a group of related products that use a brush to apply mascara to the eyelashes. They are known as self-contained mascara and can also be referred to as false eyelashes. There are two types of eye mascaras:

1) Regular: These eye mascaras typically have a few included brushes for different lash needs. They usually have pigments attached to color the lashes or cover gray hair (on some), and sometimes come with replacement brushes. Regular mascaras are generally easier to use than false eyelashes because they do not require makeup skills or the use of glue. They are mostly used for cosmetic purposes, to make the eyes look bigger or more attractive.

2) False: These eye mascaras look exactly like regular eye mascaras except that they have attached false eyelashes at the end. False eyelashes are much longer and thicker than regular ones and can give the eyes a completely different look compared to what a regular mascara can achieve.

How to apply:

To apply eye mascaras, you first need to remove any glosses or eye makeup on your eyelashes. This is needed for the mascara product to be applied properly. In general, eye mascaras are applied like regular ones, except you must make sure that the end of the brush will go in contact with all the eyelashes on your eyes. When using false eye mascaras, you must make sure that the end of the brush will be in contact with both lower and upper lashes.

Tips on using eye mascaras:

1. Always remember to clean and dry the brush before and after every use. This will extend its usable life.

2. Make sure that you do not apply it in the same position every time, as it can lead to irritation or other issues with use. If used frequently, it is recommended that you wash the brush between applications or replace it when these problems occur.

3. In general, eye mascaras are not recommended for everyday use, especially because they can irritate people who use them daily. This can cause skin issues, such as a clogged duct or rash.

4. Some eye mascaras are designed to be used only once and can then be thrown out after that. In this case, it is recommended to always flip the brush before putting it in the mascara container and not leave the brush in contact with other products as this could lead to problems with allergic reactions in some people.