Lancome Facial Cleanser Product Review

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The Lancome facial cleanser is a skin care product that is used to protect skin from acne. It has a unique formula that helps to soak up excess oil and reduce the shine on the skin. Lancome facial cleanser is a cream-based cleanser that promises protection and an overall improvement in your skin’s health. It cleanses the skin and helps it to look fresh and stay healthy. Lancome facial cleanser allows you to create a protective layer against acne. It also makes your skin feel soft, smooth, and straightforward. Using it daily will make your face look much better, healthier, and energetic. The Lancome facial cleanser has been specially designed for the sensitive skin of women, which is prone to acne. It has a fragrant scent that refreshes you in the morning after using it at night before going to bed.


· It has a pleasant scent

· It is nondrying and makes your skin smooth

· The right amount of this product will go a long way. When you squeeze out a small amount, it spreads quickly and covers the whole face. One bottle can last you for six months if you use it daily.

· It has a lightweight formula that is not thick


· It does not remove face makeup effectively

· Some women have said that it dries out your skin, leaving it feeling tight

· The skin feels a little sticky after use

How to use Lancome facial cleanser

To achieve the best results from the Lancome facial cleanser, you should cleanse your face with it twice daily. At night, use about two pats for the whole look and massage it downwards. Then rinse it off using warm water. In the morning, you should use about a quarter size amount and apply it to your face using upward movements. After that, rinse off the cleanser.

· Apply warm water all over the face to open up the pores before applying Lancome facial cleanser

· Wash your hands to remove dirt and grime that may remain on your hands after handling objects in your daily routine before use

· Gently massage Lancome facial cleanser into all areas of your face.