What You Should Know About Knit Flare Pants

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Yes, you heard that correctly, Knit Flare Pants. They’re not a new invention but I only recently discovered and was fascinated by the idea of knit flare pants! I think they would be so cute to wear to work or out on a date night. You can dress them down or up depending on what you are going for. For example, if you are going out for a night on the town, check out the black and gold option!

Why you should buy the Knit Flare Pants?

You can literally turn these pants into a few different looks. I say literally because the pattern goes up to the waist! The look of them is what you want to decide on. They are very soft and comfortable, with a great fit! They fit perfectly, especially for a sweater dressier woman.

How about the Pattern?

This pattern is designed for knitters that are advanced or intermediate in knitting skills. The instructions are clear and easy to follow! You will have to learn a few new skills, but let me tell you that they are worth it. You will be able to create many different looks with this pattern, so you will be able to use the pattern again and again!

What are they made out of?

They are made out of a cotton/linen blend which has a sleek look but is not hot. They would be great for any season! The yarn I used was cotton but you could use any fiber that works up the same gauge. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I used a lighter yarn. These pants are so stretchy, that you should be able to use any yarn that will give you the same results.

Care tips:

Machine wash delicate cycle, no dryer, and lay flat to dry.