What To Consider When Choosing Acrylic Frames For Your Work Of Art

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Acrylic frame refers to a type of picture frame for paintings. Unlike other types of frames, acrylic frames can be easily removed from the artwork without damaging it. They are made from a transparent material, often glass or perspex, with a backing board and fasteners attached to either side of the backboard.

What to consider when choosing acrylic frames for your work of art:

1. The size of the artwork

The acrylic frame is normally sized to the original artwork size. So if the painting is bigger than the frame, then it means that you need a larger frame and, in that case, you can either get a custom frame made or simply get a custom-made double image of your artwork. It means that you can get a nice frame for your original painting.

2. The style of the frame (decorative or streamlined )

Decorative frames are made from wood, metal, and plastic and are built to fit a particular style period (usually mid-19th century to mid-20th century). They have many holes in them, so they vary in their design and the quality of artwork they might portray. Usually, they are seen with paintings of the Victorian era.

Overall, it means that the frame should be big enough to accommodate the size of the artwork. And they must have good quality. If you are using decorative frames, then you must check the corners and sides of them.

Stripped frames are made from different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. They usually have no decoration except for an occasional circle in the middle. The most common sizes for stripped frames are 24 x 16 inches and 32 x 23.5 inches.

3. The backboard quality (wood, metal, and glass), etc.

You can choose the backboard by yourself. The best way to see if you should change the backboard is to buy a small sample of it first, then decide whether to keep it or not before you get a whole collection of them. This will save your money and time as well!

When choosing the acrylic frames for your artwork, you need to consider the style and size of the frame. You have to take into account the purpose of frames (decorative, streamlined, or both) as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are not sure about anything.