Getting Stylish With Men’s Ties And Pocket Squares

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No one hates getting dressed in the morning, but it can get tedious and frustrating when you’re stuck wearing the same outfit day after day. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to dress with a little more flair than your average polo shirt and khakis. Just take a look at these stylish men s ties and pocket squares, which will give you some new ways to accessorize your wardrobe.

Don’t Forget to Style Your Hair

Because this isn’t about the accessories, you should keep your hair styled at all times when you’re in formal attire. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a short or medium-length hairstyle for dressed-up events, but it’s not very stylish. The best choice is to have your hair cut nice and short, so it’s easy to manage and looks good in any situation. Men with thick, curly hair can also wear it short and make it work, but guys with thin hair will look better with long locks that are styled in a way that complements the tie. Pocket squares are usually just thrown into the pocket without much thought because people don’t know how to tie them properly.

The Right Way to Tie Your Tie

When you’re tying your tie, the most important thing to remember is that it should go around your neck in a perfect triangle, not over your head like a cowboy. It’s very easy to do and you really don’t need a diagram or instructional video to get it right. When your tie is on, it should go from about the middle of your Adam’s apple to where your breast pocket would be. If you haven’t done this right since you were a little kid, practice with a plain black tie first. You’ll thank yourself later when you’ve secured an important presentation or interview.

In the end, remember that these accessories are just a starting point. You can take them to the next level by wearing a tie bar, cuff links, and even a pocket watch. The possibilities are endless, but you have to start somewhere.