Features Of Women’s Summer Duster

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Women’s Summer Duster is a classic letter card. The outfit comes with a white top, I.R dye trims, and black pants with a ruffled bottom and the name “Women’s Summer Duster” on them in blue letters. The outfit is very easy to wear and can be paired with any type of plug-in or accessories such as a belt or necklace

Features of Women’s Summer Duster

1. The glove is not made with the same material as the shirt

This is an overall good item. It is very easy to wear because it was designed with items that are easy to wear. This item is very comfortable and it comes in different colors such as brown, black, and white.

2. The pants are too small

The pants are very hard to turn because it has a hole in the front that is not supposed to be there. The hole makes it hard for people to put it over their shoes. It hurts the foot as well because of how tight it is and the fabric is very stiff.

3. The shirt color runs off after it gets wet

The shirt stains very easily and tends to run off when water touches it. This wears out easily too, which is another disadvantage of this item.

4. The gloves are different from the shirt and pants

The gloves are made of different materials than the pants and shirt, therefore look funny. The gloves do not even go all the way to your wrist, in other words, they don’t cover much of your hand. They come halfway up your wrist.

5. The outfit looks very good after washing it

After the item was washed, it became more comfortable and the fabric became softer. If a person were to wash this item in cool water after using it for a period of time, the color and quality of the fabric would become better.

6. The white top is very comfy

Pants and shirts with strings are easy to wear because they don’t have any complicated buttons or zippers. The white top that comes with Women’s Summer Duster is very easy to wear because it has strings on both sides that go from your shoulder down to your waist.