Features Of Pretty, Subtle Color Homemade Play Dough

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PRETTY, SUBTLE COLOR HOMEMADE PLAY DOUGH is a homemade play dough recipe that will make your children’s eyes light up with happiness. It is so easy to make that even a preschooler can do it! There is always the option to buy Play Doh at the store, but making this at home not only saves money, but you know that the ingredients are safe and won’t harm or irritate your child’s skin in any way.


1. This play dough recipe doesn’t use the heated baking paste, which is commonly found in premade dough.

2. The ingredients of the play dough are all natural, so you can be sure that your child won’t get sick nor develop any allergies to them.

3. This play dough recipe is also very economical in cost, for which it is definitely worth making at home! You’ll save money as well as keep your children and family members healthy.

4. The play dough recipe is eco-friendly, made from completely natural ingredients. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including painting and drawing, arts & crafts, play-dough for pretend play, decorating and much more!

5. Your child will be given the opportunity to experience how it is like to create something, and discover how fun it is to play!

6. It can be a great alternative for TV and video game time. Children have to have fun at some point in the day, and what better way than letting them create something with their own hands? Not only will they engage in some creative action, but they will also develop fine motor skills at the same time.

7. This play dough recipe is great for making things together with your children when they are having a bad day or are simply bored! It is an excellent way of spending quality time together while doing an activity that both of you can enjoy.