Features Of Chiffon Tank Jumpsuit

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Chiffon Tank Jumpsuit is a type of outfit that has one shoulder and a long, loose rounded neckline. The low V-neckline is made up of crisscrossing straps, usually in black and white or black with a strip of white on it, creating the effect of two types of fabric. This style is seen most often on women who have larger busts but smaller waists. It’s a variation from the spaghetti strap tank tops that are popular in the late 2000s to early 2010s.

Features of Chiffon Tank Jumpsuit

1. Usually long, like a jumpsuit

This type of jumpsuit will reach down below the knees, and will usually have a zipper that continues all the way down, and then the person can flip it up to create a longer, teardrop shape. It is usually worn with high-heeled sandals, pumps, or wedges.

2. The shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most distinctive and also most loved parts of this outfit. The shoulder strap on this jumpsuit is thicker than V-necklines, but not as thick as spaghetti straps. The design makes it very easy to wear jewelry because any necklace or earrings will be held in place by the fabric itself.

3. Chiffon fabric

Chiffon is the most popular fabric for the outfit and it’s because of the soft, airy texture that the outfit has. The texture is great for adding just a little weight to an otherwise summer-weight garment. It also has a romantic feel to it because Chiffon was used in many Victorian gowns from western culture and so it can be used to make an old-fashioned look.

4. Straight or flared bottom?

The most common type of bottom for this jumpsuit is straight, but absolutely flared bottoms are also acceptable and very beautiful in their own way.

Origin of Chiffon Tank Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit that has chiffon, low V-shape neckline has been in existence for years. Fashion wear originated in the mid-19th century when women used this outfit as a basic design for their clothing. It was already in wide use for professional wear, but by the 1930s, it had become popular with both young and old women alike. The style was very well received because women could wear any type of jewelry with it and still have the same effect of covering up their bodies using this design. It became one of the most popular forms of clothing between the 1940s and 1960s.