Factors To Consider When Buying A Children S Step Chair

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Children s step chair refers to the chair with steps for children to reach the table or kitchen counter. The stool is usually height adjustable and can be used both as an ordinary chair in a rec room, playroom, or bedroom – and as a special high chair when guests come over.

Factors to consider when buying a Children s step chair

1. Weight capacity

This kind of chair usually has four legs, the cross-beam that forms the steps is supported by two of the legs. The maximum load capacity identifying tag is usually hung on one of the legs. Usually, it’s noted how long a child can safely sit in the chair, and what their weight should not exceed. For example: “Children 0–36 months. Maximum load 20 lbs (9 kg)”.

2. Size of steps

Your child should be able to climb up and down the steps without having to turn their legs sideways. If the step is too wide or deep, they’ll need to walk a step before sitting down – and that’s not only harder, but it can be harder for you to move your child safely in and out of the chair. Some models have backrests on the steps so your child can rest while they’re getting up or down.

3. Trim

Some chairs are made to look like they have a low back, while others are almost entirely open and can make it hard for smaller children to climb up on the steps. Look for a backrest if you want your child to be able to stay in the chair safely – and if there isn’t one, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your child when he or she is climbing in or out of the seat.

4. Type of legs

The most common type is ladder-style with rounded rungs. Another option is a ladder-style chair with straight rungs. Straight rungs at the bottom of a step stool may not only look sturdier, but they could be easier for your child to step on and off.

Children s step chairs are good furniture for children. It can help them develop balance and coordination and encourage them to be active, which is essential for their growth. You should always monitor