Decorative Pillow Buying Tips You Need To Know

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One of the biggest purchases people make is buying decorative pillows. I know that is certainly true for me! So many colors, styles, and types out there can be so overwhelming (especially when there are so few things people actually use decoratively). It’s no wonder that there are lots of times you end up with a large stockpile of unused decorative pillows taking up room in your living room. The following are Decorative Pillow Buying Tips You Need to Know Before Your Next Purchase:

1. Variety is not necessarily a good thing

When you walk into a store to purchase pillows, it is so tempting just to buy your favorite pattern in every available size. I’ve done it before, and I must admit, I enjoy the variety of different patterns. However, this can be a bad idea. If you do this and then never use the pillows because they don’t go with anything else in your home, it will make your living room look crazy busy (and messy). It is a better idea to buy a more limited selection of pillows that all work very well together, so you can use them to tie the entire room together.

2. Buy pillow covers instead of pillows (if you can)

This may solve the issues mentioned above because it allows you to mix and match as much as your heart desires! The thing is, even though this is an excellent way to get the variety you want, it isn’t always possible. However, you can still purchase pillow covers to mix and match with your decorative pillows.

3. Buy new decorative pillows instead of old ones

I know that this sounds a little crazy, but the truth is that the pillow material gets better with age (especially if your air dries it), so you really only need to buy new ones if you are using your pillows every day. If not, then consider buying used decorative pillows (to make sure they match).

4. Clean and dry before storage

After purchasing new decorative pillow covers, clean and dry them first before storing them away for other uses (although I’m sure there will be some people in your family who won’t use them once they are clean and dry).

The biggest tips any decorative pillow buyer should know is that you will only be able to use a select number of your pillows and that you need to match your decorative pillows together well so they look intentional.