Cleansing Aloe Vera Cream Mask

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Do you feel stressed and burdened by life’s stresses? If so, you’re not alone. Stress is a common trigger of skin problems, from acne to wrinkles. Stress can also leave you feeling anxious, making it even harder to deal with life’s challenges.

Cleansing Aloe Vera Cream Mask is your answer to stress and its effects on your skin. This refreshing face mask requires only a few ingredients and will leave you feeling refreshed, stress-free, and ready to tackle the challenges of life head-on. This simple recipe is a great way to help balance your skin and relieve stress, redness, and irritation. This mask is beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It’s also perfect for oily or acne-prone skin, though it should work well for most skin types. How to Make a Cleansing Aloe Vera Mask Let’s get started!

Ingredients: 1 cup of yogurt – any plain or fruit yogurt will do. Plain non-dairy yogurt is preferable because non-dairy yogurts tend to keep the skin’s pH balanced. However, if you are allergic to dairy, it is possible to use a dairy alternative like coconut yogurt to get similar results.

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is the main ingredient that makes up the cleansing portion of this mask. Baking soda has a cooling effect on the skin that helps relieve redness and inflammation. Baking soda also acts as a mild exfoliant, helping slough off dead skin cells accumulated and clogged pores by removing excess oils and debris in the skin.

1/4 teaspoon aloe vera gel – while you can use pure aloe gel, many grocery stores sell organic aloe vera juice in bottles with their produce section. This is an excellent way to get aloe vera at a lower cost than purchasing a powdered form at health food stores or online retailers. If possible, look for organic or non-GMO products so that your digestion will not be affected by eating this mask component.