Army Canvas Laundry Hamper On Wheels

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Did you know that soldiers in the U.S. Army are issued canvas laundry hampers on wheels (usually called Laundry Lugs)? They’re not used to getting your clothes clean, oh no. They are used to getting soldiers’ laundry clean, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing it.

The Army made these canvas laundry hampers on wheels to help soldiers take their clean laundry with them when they move from one place to another.

They’re convenient and straightforward: Soldiers unroll their fresh laundry from the canvas hamper on wheels, put the clothes in the corresponding hamper, and then roll it over with one hand. Easy peasy. They’re also highly durable, water-resistant, and lightweight. This article lists the best Laundry Lugs for the Army so you can get the most out of your laundry hamper on wheels. A. Army Canvas Laundry Hamper on Wheels

As you can see, this canvas laundry hamper on wheels is a best seller on Amazon. The reason why? It’s made by the Army using authentic green and white military specification materials. It’s a replica of the original laundry hamper and features:

* Collapsible design

* Heavy-duty cotton canvas construction (14 oz) and red cotton web handles for easy carrying. Also, it has plastic reinforced top corners for added durability and strength. This unique extra support holds up to 120 pounds of clothes and other items easily.

* One-sided design for easy storage and transportation. Regardless of which side you roll it on, the other side remains clean.

* Rollable wheel locks that stay in place to help prevent the wheel from moving after rolling. With this feature, you can easily open and close the top with one hand.

* Zippered front pocket for carrying personal items or valuables.

The specs are pretty impressive, and so are its consumer reviews full of satisfied customers (usually 5 – 5 stars, 99% satisfaction rate) who also say that this replica laundry hamper is a must-have item for Army soldiers who move around frequently.

In conclusion, this Army Canvas Laundry Hamper on Wheels is a practical and valuable Army gift. It’s perfect for soldiers who are on the road and need help with the transportation of their laundry.