About Johnson’s Baby Safety Ear Swabs

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Johnson’s Baby Safety Ear Swabs

Most parents know how important it is to keep your baby’s ears clean and free from germs. But it can be challenging to swab your baby’s ears day in and day out – especially when you’re trying to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Fortunately, Johnson’s Baby Ear Safety Swabs make it easy to keep your little one’s ears healthy, clean, and free of germs. They are natural and safe ingredients, making them a great alternative to harmful chemical ear cleaners. The swabs remove 99% of earwax, leaving behind only the most minor, finest particles that children naturally produce all by themselves. The result is a fresh, clean, and soft ear canal your little one can enjoy daily.

The Variety Pack of Baby Safety Ear Swabs comes in 2 great varieties: one with a garlic scent and a minty version. The garlic-scented swabs are perfect for parents who don’t like the smell of chemical sprays, while the minty ones make soothing the delicate skin of your newborn’s ears very easy. They can be used for both inner and outer ears, are gentle on little ears, and leave behind no trace of residue or irritation. They can be used straight from the package with no additional preparation required – swipe them across your baby’s skin until they come away clean. Use one pair per week until your child’s ears grow out of it – this will typically take about two weeks to achieve, even after using the same pair for only one week! And remember: permanently remove any excess wax before giving them back to your child.

After your baby’s ears have grown out of the powder, Baby Ear Powder can be stored in a dry bag or container and used again when needed. Also, you can use it to freshen up your baby’s rattle every so often or sprinkle some into your baby’s bath water for a pleasant, soothing fragrance.