Ways To Wear A Knit Oblong Scarf With Fringe

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Fashion is already a part of your lifestyle. But it does not need to be expensive. You can reinvent your look daily with the appropriate accessories. These items should be versatile and easy to wear. A staple piece that should be in your wardrobe is a knit oblong scarf with a fringe. This ensemble can easily match different outfits. There are multiple ways to wear it that can enhance your overall look. Curious about how you can improve your style with this accessory? Continue reading to find out!


1. The Loop- Start by draping the scarf around your neck. Then tie the two corners together. Create a loop using the knot and let it cover your chest area. This look is suitable who want to have a more accentuated chest.

2. Trendy Neck Tie- Like a tie put the scarf around your neck. Make one end longer than the other. Next, loop the long end twice around your neck. Then finally, make an off-center half knot. This look is suitable for people who prefer to wear smart casual or business attire.

3. Flashy Drapery- Drape the scarf on your neck. Make sure that both sides are even and let it hang freely. This carefree look is suitable for casual days. You can comfortably wear it during shopping or hanging out with friends. And this style is very easy to maintain, so you can move freely.

4. Braided Twist Scarf- Drape the scarf around your neck and arrange both sides evenly. Then alternately twist each length like a braid. This fun style will surely capture lots of attention. It is very feminine and can match well with jeans, dresses, shorts, slacks, or skirts. It will have a huge fashion impact on your outfit.