The Benefits Of Vanilla Cream Insulation Balm

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Vanilla Cream Insulation Balm is a remarkable new innovation that combines the power of insulating materials with organic ingredients to keep you warmer and healthier during the cold season than any conventional insulation material could ever hope to.

The benefits of Vanilla Cream Insulation Balm

1. It’s hypoallergenic. The Body Shop’s Vanilla Cream Balm is NOT a petroleum-based product, so it won’t sting your skin or trigger an allergic reaction.

2. It is odorless. Unlike petroleum-based insulations, the Vanilla Cream Balm will not leave you smelling of plastic or rubber; the only scent you’ll detect is that of aromatic vanilla cream.

3. It is soothing and calming for your skin. The ingredients used to make the Vanilla Cream Balm have an excellent soothing, smoothening qualities and are very effective at reducing irritation and dryness to the skin while still keeping you protected from the cold.

4. It doesn’t stain clothing. The Vanilla Cream Balm leaves no stains or marks on your clothes, even if you get it right in your hair.

5. It doesn’t mess with your hair dye or color. The vanilla in the balm won’t wash out your hair’s color or dye.

6. It offers long-lasting protection for your hands, face, and neck. The balm is rich in shea butter, which seals in moisture to keep the skin from being dehydrated by the cold air.

7. It doesn’t interfere with other lotions. The Vanilla Cream Balm is completely safe to use with or without other lotions, so if you like to double up on your lotioning because you get cold easily, you can still use a little of this balm on top of an already moisturized body.

In conclusion, the Vanilla Cream Balm offers the benefits of an extreme, bulky insulating material with the all-natural ingredients of thick, soothing cream. The formula was designed for use under clothing to offer outstanding protection against the cold.