Shiatsu Therapeutic Massaging Lounger With Heat

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Shiatsu is a Japanese form of alternative medicine that focuses on manipulating the soft tissue in the body. Shiatsu massages relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve blood flow. Shiatsu therapeutic massages are also helpful in reducing joint pain, releasing muscle tension, and improving sleep patterns. These massages are relaxing and can be done in various settings, including in a massage chair, on the couch, or in bed.

Shiatsu therapeutic massage chairs are made to resemble the shape of a massage table. They are designed to give the user better access to their back and neck area. Some patients prefer sitting on the floor while receiving a Shiatsu massage.

Warm air is blown into the Shiatsu therapeutic massaging chair’s body by a fan situated near the back and armrests of the chair. These massage chairs can be heated, giving patients more comfort during treatment. The temperature and movement of the fan produce an oscillating effect that helps relieve muscle tension, blood pressure, and pain in muscles and joints. Massage chairs also have a flow of soothing vibrations that promote increased circulation in the body.

The most common massaging chairs are table-top chairs, armchairs, full-body chairs, leg chairs, neck-back chairs, and head chairs. Each type offers a unique therapeutic benefit for your patients. More importantly, the best choice for a Shiatsu chair will depend on your unique setting and needs.

Table-top chairs and armchairs are excellent for patient rooms, small areas, and treatment rooms. While full-body and leg chairs may be more suited for more extensive treatment areas and waiting rooms, they can also work well as a “booster seat” for patients who receive treatments on the floor. The best choice for your clinic, office, or practice will depend on how much space you have, how often you treat patients and the type of treatment you conduct.