Main Features Of Lace Short Sleeves

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Lace Short Sleeves are a type of lace arm sleeves that are often worn with Vintage clothing. The arm-hole portion is typically adorned according to the style of the dress or gown it accompanies. It can be plain, laced, ruffled, embroidered, or form fitting. For example, a plain arm sleeve might be found in Renaissance clothing, whereas a highly embellished lace short sleeve may accompany the Victorian dress.”

Main features of Lace Short Sleeves


Short Sleeves are suitable for many occasions, like weddings. It could be used as a bridal dress topper, and also could be used as an evening dress and party dress. And it has more features: it can also be used as a personal ornament and accessory. But it is most commonly used with dresses or gowns, or blouses.


lace is made of polyester, cotton, and nylon. These materials are thin and soft. They have good quality, comfortable to wear, and have pretty colors.


Handmade Lace Short Sleeves are made by hand-the most traditional way to make lace. It is a time-consuming process that demands plenty of skill and patience. The lace is made by a machine from silk thread and the edges are usually left unfinished so that they fray outwards and upwards like threads on a spider’s web. It is then either steamed or exposed to heat in an oven to make it rigid.


There are many reasons for choosing handmade lace for your dress. First of all, handmade lace could make you a kind of different feeling from other people, because a large amount of delicate work is involved in the making process. Second, the effect of handmade lace is much better than machine-made ones. Handmade lace will show you its modesty in color and its gracefulness in the touch, even if it has some delicacy and tenderness.