Mahogany Finish Wooden Jewelry Box

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Jewelry boxes are a beautiful addition to any bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. They provide a classy and sophisticated touch to the design of your rooms and offer you much-needed storage space for all your personal belongings.

There are many different kinds of jewelry boxes available today, including some which have gemstone enhancers on them. These can be found in many different colors and shapes so that they match the look of your room perfectly.

However, if you aren’t quite sure which kind of jewelry box would suit you best, then there are

5 tips which can help you to choose the right one.

Tip #1: A Good Size Is Important

Jewelry boxes should be made with good-quality material, so look for boxes which feel secure and sturdy in your hand.

Also think about the size of your jewelry and know what you will want to put inside your jewelry box before going shopping.

Tip #2: Choose From Different Colours

A good jewelry box should be made from a different color to the rest of your bedroom furniture, so you can use it more often.

If you want a box which will always match the rest of your bedroom, then make sure that the base color is darker than the lid color.

You should also choose colors which will look best when they are decorated with other accessories.

Tip #3: Decide If You Want A Painted Or Mahogany Finish

If you prefer to have your jewelry box decorated by a professional stained-glass artist or an interior designer, then a painted finish might be the best option for you.

However, if you can afford to have the jewelry box stained and polished by hand, then consider having a mahogany finish.

Mahogany will look classier and more attractive than a painted finish, and it will allow the beauty of the wood grain to shine through.

Tip #4: Choose The Right Material

There are two main types of materials used to make jewelry boxes today: solid wood and resin.

Solid wood is a better choice for storing valuables because it is harder to break than resin, which is quite fragile.

The only downside to solid wood is that it can look a little old-fashioned, so if you want something which looks more modern, then choose a resin jewelry box.

Tip #5: Find A Jewelry Box Which Looks Good Collared

Jewelry boxes are more decorative when they are displayed in collars, so if you want your jewelry box to look good arranged on a dresser or nightstand, then go for a small jewelry box with a shorter sides.

Also, make sure that you place your jewelry box flat on the surface to avoid any damage.

Purchasing a good-quality jewelry box is one of the best ways to organize your personal belongings, and will protect them from damage and dust.