Know The Travel Tips From Delta

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Delta is the world’s largest airline. They offer low fares, a comfortable cabin experience, and award-winning customer service. Delta is an international carrier with flights to 72 countries on six continents. Dividing their destinations into four groups based on which region of the world they serve (Europe/Middle East & Africa, Asia/Pacific Rim, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America), here are some of Delta’s top tips for your next vacation:

Travel tips from Delta

1. Stay connected

This applies to any trip but is especially important when you’re heading overseas. Before you leave, familiarize yourself with the local dialing codes and hours of operation for US airline reservations and information numbers in your destination country. If you have access to a computer during your trip, download the Delta app so that you can make flight arrangements and navigate through airport terminals quickly and easily.

2. Know what to pack

Check with your hotel or cruise ship to determine if they provide shampoo, conditioner or body wash in the bathroom. This will save you one entire suitcase in your total luggage allowance.

3. Get there on time

Arriving at a Delta terminal or gate at least 15 minutes before domestic flights, and 30 minutes before international flights, will result in the longest possible wait for your flight. A delay of more than 15 minutes can result in an additional charge for the inconvenience, even if an earlier flight is available as we’re unable to guarantee seating accommodations for a scheduled arrival any earlier than the originally scheduled arrival time. Getting to the airport or waiting at our gates takes time — plan ahead!

4. Stow your gear

As a Delta Air Lines customer, you’re entitled to up to three checked bags and one carry-on bag for every person traveling. All checked bags must be securely stowed, and all excess luggage charges will be the responsibility of the passenger using them. Checked baggage allowances are as follows: 50 pounds for Economy Class, 75 pounds for Business Class, or 100 pounds for First Class. Stow as many suitcases in the overhead bins as possible. This will keep your weight down (and smaller) and provide more space under your seat in Economy class.