Kids’ Paper Straw Hat

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Anyone who has spent time outside in cold weather knows that drinking hot drinks can be challenging. It’s common for parents to offer their children sips of warm liquids through a straw to help them stay warm. This is a great way to help your kids stay warm, but it can also be a pain when they keep trying to pull the straw out of their hair.

Read on to learn how to make a simple paper straw hat for kids. The hat is easy to make, and it’s one of those DIY projects that will have you sitting down with a hot drink every time. The hat is also inexpensive, and you can make multiple hats for your family as needed. Keep reading to find out how to make a paper straw hat for kids.

Additional, this paper straw hat for kids:

What You Need

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The first step is to gather all of your supplies for the paper straw hat for kids. You’ll need to collect the following materials:

One pair of scissors (for cutting out the pattern)

One stack of white paper (8 sheets or more) – The thicker the paper, the better. This hat will be hot and needs to be sturdy. I used cardstock from a printer, but you could just as easily use construction paper or regular letter-sized paper. It’s best to get a stack that has eight sheets in it, though. That way, you won’t have leftovers that aren’t as thick anymore at the end of your project. If you’re using colored paper, make sure it’s white with no colored dye added. The color will bleed into your finished hat when you fold it over on itself and bind it to shut with ribbon or string. White cardstock worked well for me because I’m not worried about having it look clean and neat later. The instructions below also use a piece of cardstock from 8 sheets of white paper; however, if you don’t have this much card stock handy, just make one more straightforward hat by cutting yours out directly onto two pieces of fabric instead.