How To Make The Printed Chiffon Scarf

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For this how-to-it, we will be using 2 yards of chiffon fabric and one oversized crochet hook. As a guideline, the finished scarf should have dimensions in the range of 6 x 12 inches.

-Step 1: Cut your fabric in half lengthwise and fold each strip down to find the center point between them. Make sure that both strips are even at this point. The center point is where you will place your crochet hook. If the strips are uneven, you can adjust them by folding them down to where they meet in the center.

-Step 2: Starting at the center point, begin wrapping your fabric around your hook by pulling one strip over another and around the hook. The first wrap should be a bit loose so that it’s easier to continue wrapping. Continue until you have wrapped about an inch of fabric onto your hook. Make sure that you are wrapping the fabric evenly around both sides of the hook.

-Step 3: Continue wrapping your chiffon around your hook, pulling one strip over another. Once you have wrapped all the way down to your starting point, tuck under the excess fabric and secure it with a knot so that you don’t unravel.

-Step 4: Now you have a 4-inch chiffon coil on your hook. You should also be about an inch or two into your fabric. Start to wrap around your coil, pulling one strip over another to even out the fabric. You can also use this step to see if you like how your fabric is looking as you wrap it around your coil.

-Step 5: By repeating Steps 2-4 in progressive steps, you will continue the wrapping process, progressing from loose coils to a shorter length of strips wrapped onto the coil. Once you have reached the desired length, cut the excess fabric and tie it off.

-Step 6: Cut a length of ribbon and tie a knot around the coil at one end.

The knot will be used to hold your bow in place. Trim both ribbon tails to an even length and then finish by folding each end under so that the bow is complete! Your scarf should be 6 inches wide at this point.