Features Of Wood Standard Baker’s Rack

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Wood Standard Baker’s Rack is an ideal rack for loading the oven with baking dishes. This rack is made of solid wood, which will not rust and is easy to clean. It has a wide range of space that can hold up to 3-2/3 lbs. The bottom section is fixed while the top sections can be dismantled or in the closed position, which allows you to wash dishes or dry them after washing.”

Features of Wood Standard Baker’s Rack

1. Made of solid wood, sturdy and durable

This rack is made of solid wood, which means that it is both sturdy and durable. It will not rust in any way and needs minimal maintenance. Also, the rack is easy to clean.

2. Washable dish drainer

There are two parts, the bottom tray, and the top tray. The bottom tray can be detached to make it easier to wash the dishes after use. And by removing one of the top trays, you can dry off all your dishes after washing them in no time! If you need to dry both trays in an open position, just put them back together once they are dry or even keep them whole for easier storage!

3. Wide space for holding dishes

You can use this rack for almost all sizes of dishes. It has a very wide space for dish storage.

4. Made of a wooden frame with a wire grate at the bottom to allow air circulation

This rack is made of a frame with a wire grill on the bottom tray which allows air to circulate through while heating or cooling your dishes allowing them to dry quicker and more evenly. This also helps prevent your food from sticking to the dish racks and making it impossible to get them clean. In addition, this feature is often used by bakeries that have hot bakes in their conveyor ovens and need fast-draining racks.

5. Portable

This rack can easily be placed on your countertop, in the back of your car, or anywhere else. It is very affordable and affordable so you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford a dishwasher or the price of running it because this rack can be transported easily. You can take it with you on a camping trip, without having to worry about taking all your dishes with you.