Features Of Wicker Seat Set With Cushion

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Wicker Seat Set with Cushion is, as the title suggests, a wicker seat set with a cushion. This is designed to be a very functional functional accessory that you can use for your own furniture. It is a set consisting of one seat cushion and one woven chair.

Features of Wicker Seat Set with Cushion

1. Comfort

The seat of this set is made up of a sturdy woven chair. It has a thick and soft cushion that makes you feel comfortable when you sit on it. You can sit on it for a long time without getting tired of having pain in your body. This set is designed for indoor use only, and we do not recommend that you use it outdoors because the cushion might get dirty from the outside dirt.

2. Durable

This wicker seat set with cushion is made into such a design that it will stay durable for years to come, even though you use it regularly. This item is really easy to maintain too. You just have to wipe it with a wet cloth and then let it dry naturally. And the cushion is even easier to maintain, simply use a hand vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt.

3. Perfect for a garden setting

This set is perfect for you if you want to make sure that you sit comfortably on your backyard or garden furniture. You can relax as much as you would like and enjoy the outdoor scenery. Plus, since this set is made of wicker from top-quality materials, you can be sure that it will last for more than one summer season because wicker does not weather easily compared to other materials.

4. Available in many colors

This wicker set in this set comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose among the colors that you like. You can get this set in green, blue, brown, or any other color that suits your furniture or patio decor. This is really an item that you can use for a long time and enjoy your time with it.

5. Packaging and shipping method

This wicker seat set comes with the same packing as most of the other items that we have on our site. It has a simple styrofoam box to prevent any damage while it ships from us to you. They do not come in a big box, which makes it easier to ship to your location.