Features Of Mini Holiday Vibes, Makeup Brush Set

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Mini Holiday Vibes, Makeup Brush Set is our first set of makeup brushes, which includes a total of 7 brushes. Different from the single brush style, this set comes with different angles for different purposes. Get flawless and perfect makeup that you always want in just one or two strokes.

Features of Mini Holiday Vibes, Makeup Brush Set

1. It is easy to carry.

This set includes 7 different brushes. All of them are really small and lightweight, so you can take them anywhere you go as long as your mobile phone is with you.

2. Bright colors make it more eye-catching.

In addition to the transparent handle, the whole set comes in bright colors to make it more eye-catching without any flaws. Of course, the handle of each brush is also made of glass, which makes it smooth and comfortable for daily usage.

3. It can be used at home and on travel.

This set is easy to use in daily makeup routines at home or traveling, as long as you can wash your hands before/after using them every time.

4. It is made of high-quality material.

This set is made of high-quality TPE material, which makes it durable and not easily broken. Moreover, the handles are made of tempered glass that can avoid any sharp edges when you break them accidentally.

5. It is easy to use and clean up.

These brushes are designed in such a way that they can be used every time with your whole hand, making them more effortless to use for beginners.

6. It is a good tool for makeup.

The shapes of the brushes are rounded to make it easier to apply makeup evenly on your face and body. In addition, the length of each brush is also long enough to provide a variety of coverage when applying foundation, powder, lipstick, and others.

7. It is made with fine craftsmanship.

All parts are carefully assembled with silicone glue for unbreakable and durable use. What’s more, the handles are manufactured with high-quality tempered glass, which can avoid your hands from being cut off accidentally when you break them or drop them.