Facts About Makeup Sponge

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Today, we’re going to be talking about makeup sponges. Now, you may be wondering, “What are makeup sponges?” They are small foam pieces of equipment that can be used to apply your makeup before you leave the house. The sponge is soft and pliable enough to smoothly apply liquid foundation and other coverage products onto your face with a less streaky result. However, you must remember not to clean your sponge with the same brush cleaner or soap as you use on your skin or wig because it will strip the oils from the texture of the sponge and render it useless for what it was intended- making sure that dirt does not cause build-ups on your skin.

The most popular makeup sponges are usually disposable ones that come in a pack of five. A pack of five is good enough for the average person to have their own set so that you won’t have to be wasting time and money on purchasing more if you are using a ton at a time. The cheapest place where I could buy a pack of these was over at Online Beauty Source, which sells them for around twelve dollars. When it comes down to purchasing one, you need to make sure that the sponge you buy will be able to see what kind of chemicals and ingredients are in your makeup products and how they affect the quality of how your makeup will look on your skin.

The makeup sponges made out of foam are the most effective type because they’re not as sturdy as some other materials. If it’s a sponge that has been made out of a material like silicone, there is a higher chance that it will bounce back with more force which could cause the foundation to end up on your face instead of being distributed onto your skin evenly. If you feel that the sponge is too stiff for you, you can quickly soak it in warm water for about three to five minutes before use and then allow it to dry off before use. This will ensure that when you are applying foundation with this tool, it will have even coverage and doesn’t leave streaks behind.