Different Types Of Curling Creams

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Curling cream is a product used by people with curly hair to give the hair a flattering, tousled look. Curling creams have been around for ages, and they have evolved alongside the many different styles of today. There are so many options available that finding your perfect curling cream can be tough. below are the best curling creams for your hair type.

1. The first type of curling cream is the standard gel or cream. The gunk that you get comes in small tubs, is usually a consistency of the liquid, and has an extremely strong taste. Some people find the taste to be pleasant, like a fruit-flavored margarita. Others experience repulsion and would not use it again for fear of vomiting. Most gels and creams have an unpleasant odor that, while typically not strong, can be off-putting. The classic gel or cream has a 3:2 ratio of hold to shine.

2. The next type is the soft curl cream. This is created to give the user more hold than a standard product and less shine. These products create loose ringlets that are supposed to resemble Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in the movie Picture Perfect with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. You can find them in the same form as a gel, but they are not very runny.

3. If you want more hold, try a cream or paste. They have a firmer feel than the soft curl creams and have about the same firmness as hair spray, causing your hair to hold for longer periods of time. Some companies make products that are so hard that they don’t even resemble hair anymore; rather, it looks just like fun fur or an afro puff.

4. The other type of curling cream is the messy look. This type is meant to be light and airy, with a bit of texture and a subtle shine. They are not firm at all, so they can be blown in the wind easily or shaken out of your hair. They are made to look like you just rolled out of bed and washed your hair but didn’t do a very good job at it.