Best Ideas On Thanksgiving Decorations

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With Thanksgiving coming up, many people are looking for the very best way to decorate their houses. They may not have any great ideas of what to do beyond stringing some cranberries around the doorway and calling it a day or going with a basic pumpkin theme. However, there are too many other awesome Thanksgiving Decorations ideas out there for someone who wants to be creative this year. So here are some creative and festive Thanksgiving decorations for you:

Decorate Your House With Apples Give your house a fresh new look with the help of apples. Make a large “X” with the apples on one wall and the apple slices on another. On top of that may be placed a couple of apples in the center, which can spell out “Happy Thanksgiving.” You can also use oranges, grapes, or bread rolls to form an “X” on your walls.

Glass Pumpkin

You can easily make a simple glass pumpkin by attaching plain glass cups or glasses to some long and narrow cardboard strips. Then you can paint the cups or glasses a brown shade and place a candle inside the pumpkin. The light shining through the glass will give your pumpkin a festive look.

Felt Table

A felt table is also one of the most creative Thanksgiving decorations ideas to consider. First, cut out some turkey shapes from different colored felt and stick them onto white paper. Then, draw some corn and other Thanksgiving items around them in ocher color. If you want, you can stick the white paper onto cardboard and use a bit of glue to keep it in place. Finally, stick the tablecloth over the paper and you can begin to use your festive table for decoration.

All the above Thanksgiving Decorations ideas are very creative and will surely make your Thanksgiving table look festive and appealing. So if you want to find the most creative Thanksgiving decorations for this year, you will find all these tips handy.