Benefits Of Built-In Outlets And End Tables

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Maybe it’s time to consider a new end table or built-in outlet for your office or home. You can find all sorts of specialty shops and even made-to-specification furniture stores. But you needn’t go crazy with a custom piece, the right end table could be just what you were looking for!

Benefits of Built-In Outlets and End Tables

1) Improved Safety at Home or in the Office

Ever worried about where to plug your computer, phone, and other electronics in? You must have tripped over your power cords and plugs before. Sometimes you may have unplugged power strips that are not meant to be unplugged or even started a fire accidentally! With built-in outlets, you won’t worry about this problem anymore. You can leave your devices plugged in, as they won’t pose any safety risks to you.

2) Organize Your Electronics

Where do you keep your tech gear? If it’s just lying on your table or a shelf, you are probably missing out on a lot of storage space. With built-in outlets, you can double up with your power strip to store your devices and accessories. Run cords through the back of the shelf to keep the space looking neat and organized.

3) Classy and Functional

Let’s face it! There is no need to buy a special piece of furniture just to make an outlet. You can find very functional, yet attractive end tables that have built-in outlets created specifically for your devices! There are even ones with USB ports and speakers.

4) Cost-Effective

Sometimes you may need an expensive power strip but don’t want to pay for the custom order. You can still get a functional power strip from a large electronics or office supply store or online. A power strip can cost anywhere from $5-$35. But if you get a built-in outlet, it can be as low as $4-$6.


If you’re looking for an outlet but can’t afford to buy a custom built-in seat, why not consider an end table instead? They are less costly and equally functional. And if the power strip just isn’t enough for you, you can always go overkill and get a built-in outlet to help organize your gear.