All You Need To Know About Smart Weighted Hula Hoop With Timer

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A smart hula hoop with an integrated timer accomplishes two important things. Firstly, the timer gives you a precise measurement of your workout duration. Secondly, when the timer goes off, the hoop’s weight will automatically return to its center position – as opposed to fully tipping over and falling off the ground like a regular weighted hoop – meaning that you won’t have to stop your workout every time it turns out that you’ve lost track of time.

The all-new Smart Weighted Hoop with Timer was designed and produced by the same company that brought you the popular A&D Foam Hula Hoops. To ensure that you get the most out of this smart weighted hoop both when it comes to weight management and performance, we’ve dedicated an entire section to the following:

How to Use It

How much Body Weight Weighs 9 lbs (4.1 kg) How Much Body Weight Weighs 15 lbs (6.8 kg) How Much Body Weight Weighs 24 lbs (10.9 kg) Ideal For… Overweight and obese women Overweight and obese men Overweight and obese women, who want to burn fat

All the weights on a 9 LBS Hoop will shift to one side (right or left). All the weights on a 15 LBS or a 24 LBS Hoop will shift to both sides. For better weight distribution, try using an 18 LBS weight on a 9 LBS Hula Hoop for one week and then switch back to a 24 LBS weight.

Note that weights move from slightly left to slightly right when all of them are used together.

Basic Hula Hoop Exercises to Lose Weight with Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is more of a low-impact aerobic activity. Basically, it involves swinging the weighted hoop around your body in different ways to create certain exercises. Each exercise targets either your abs or your hips or your upper body. For the best results, aim at following these exercises on a daily basis for about 30 minutes straight:

1. Side to-Side Hula Hooping

This involves setting one foot back and bending your knees slightly while rotating the weighted hoop around both sides of your waist simultaneously. It’s best to start with small circles and increase the size of the circles as you progress with time.

2. Cross Hula Hooping

This exercise requires you to cross one leg over the other while swinging the weighted hoop around both sides of your waist. As a beginner, initially just swing in one direction and eventually rotate the hoop between clockwise and counter-clockwise as you progress with time.

3. Twirling Hula Hooping

When you practice twirling hula hooping, it’s best that you first use weights of 5 pounds or less and gradually work up to a heavier weight as you develop better physical strength. To start off, just make small circles with your body while using the weighted hoop, focusing on keeping your knees bent throughout the process. Then, focus on making bigger circles with the hoop until you’re making complete 360-degree rotations.

4. Double Twirl Hula Hooping

Practice twirling hula hooping with one hand first and then put a weight or a ball inside the hoop to make it heavier by adding resistance. This is quite similar to the twirling hula hooping exercise as discussed above, but much more challenging in terms of strength and endurance.