A Guide To Zeiss Anti-Fog Wipes – How They Work And What To Expect

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Wipe-resistant lenses, fog-free glasses, and perfect vision are all things we all covet. But how do you keep your glasses or eyeglasses from getting smudgy, foggy, or dirty? You’d probably never even think about wiping them until now, but with Zeiss’s latest anti-fog wipes, you never have to worry about smudge-free lenses again.

WHAT ARE Zeiss Anti Fog Wipes

These wipes from Zeiss are specially formulated for use with eyeglasses. They contain no ammonia, alcohol, phosphate, or abrasives, and they leave no residue behind when you’re done using them. If you want to keep your lenses clean and dust-free but you don’t want to risk any scratches or scuffs, these wipes are what you need.

Each pack comes with 16 wipe-cleaning clothes, so they should last you a while, especially if you keep your glasses in tip-top shape. They’re ideal for both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Pop one of these clothes into your eyeglasses case, and you’ll be all set.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A Zeiss Anti Fog Wipes

When you use an anti-fog wipe, you remove the build-up that causes smudgy lenses. That’s why they’re perfect for anyone with a case of smudge-inducing allergies.

Smudgy lenses are usually caused by dust, dirt, and oils on your glasses. While these wipes aren’t designed to remove stains, they will help reduce the amount of dust that collects on your lenses, making them perfect for anyone with allergies to dust.

You can also use anti-fog wipes to clean your lenses to keep your glasses dust-free or smudge-free.

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR Zeiss Anti Fog Wipes

If you’re using anti-fog wipes to clean your lenses, you’ll want to make sure to clean them as well. You can wash these wipes in the washing machine to make sure they’re fully clean, but don’t wash them in the dishwasher because you don’t want to shorten their lifespan. Otherwise, you can just throw these wipes in the trash when they’re done.

You can also put these wipes in a lens case with an absorbent cloth to help keep them from getting too wet. If you’re hanging onto these wipes, make sure to store them with the label facing up to easily spot them in your drawers.


If you’re constantly cleaning smudge-inducing lenses but never want to risk damaging your glasses or lenses, anti-fog wipes are the perfect solution. They’re non-abrasive, so they won’t damage your lenses or glasses as you clean them. They’re also formulated with a blend of salts, detergents, and other ingredients designed to help you clean your lenses without any residue.